Chairman's Message

We made a modest beginning in 1993.In 2013-14, NISW operated several programs in jajpur district of Odisha. This journey of 21 years, with ups and downs, has been a huge learning experience. As this report shows we either directly provide services or facilitate the needy to access services provided by others. The focus of each program has been the weaker sections, sick, poor, indigent and destitute. We are now at a cusp of growth to take the next step from providing facilities and services to providing long-term solutions. For example, we trained our beneficiaries for self development & self employed. It is time to adopt an integrated approach towards health to include sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and preventive care so that the overall health of the villagers improves. Similarly, our other programs addressing issues of education, skill development and women's empowerment will need to be suitably enhanced.

A set of community benefits from our health, education and skill development programs in Jajpur Road area of Jajpur district. During last four years, we have developed a rapport with the beneficiaries with these communities. We need to convert the goodwill for proactive engagement of these beneficiaries in issues such as stigma, discrimination, health, sanitation, hygiene, etc. The involvement of the communities of these area will be essential for implementing the related programs. These initiatives will be a major step towards creating successful and replicable models for development and growth. To this end, we need to bring about a change in the way we do things. To begin with, we need to change the way we collect data. At present, all information of our day to day activities is captured in a daily report so that we can maintain a high level of transparency and accountability. We now need to augment this exercise with continuous system of impact assessment and course correction. For our new initiatives we need to upgrade our governance as well as the skills of our Coordinators and Social Workers. We have always been proud of the fact that individual donors are our main support. We want to bring more value to their unstinted support. We also hope to garner the support of more institutional donors in the future. We have been unwavering in our mission to assist and support the poor and destitute. We hope that with the proposed changes in the future we can make real difference in the lives of our fellow citizens from weaker sections. We are fortunate that whenever we are in doubt, we have a talisman the Father of the Nation gave us. Our team would like to thank you for taking the time to engage with NISW.

Omm Prakash Routray
Chairman, NISW